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Blues music in Sanford; cheers and jeers for Happytown

Letters to the editor and reader comments


Lost and found

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful story on blues in Sanford (“The lost keys,” June 4). Please do another.  There are many exceptional, struggling musicians in the Central Florida woodwork. All they need is a home (like the Alley) to plug in their mic and hang their fedora.  
Selwyn Birchwood will be at the Alley this Saturday. Ya’ll come. He’ll smoke the socks right off your feet.
Dave and Dawn Ash, via email

Wow! It’s great to read this story and know that the Alley, Doc Williamson, Maurice Fields and all the players and patrons of the Alley are keeping the blues alive here in Central Florida. It’s great to be part of this family!
Ihannibal Barca, via

Happy about Happytown

Dear Mr. Manes, I want to let you know I enjoy reading your column very much. It is as insightful as much as entertaining. And so honest. I admit I’m not as informed as I should be about our politicians and policies. Thank you for the weekly update.
Tammy C., via email

Not so happy about Happytown

Since you have had your head up Al Gore’s ass so long, maybe you haven’t heard, but the so-called climate change experts change the numbers they don’t like (“Rick Scott is not a scientist,” Happytown, June 4). And by the way, the glaciers in the Himalayas haven’t melted yet either. Oh and also the hockey stick graph was a little exaggerated by the so-called 97 percent, which is also exaggerated since they don’t count anyone that don’t agree with them. The 97 percent figure must be a made-up number, since, as I said, they count the people that agree with them
No sign off, via email