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Finally, a book about pornography that doesn't get buried in socio-scientific mumbo-jumbo about exploitation and instead focuses on the garish, classless fun of it all. The Big Book of Porn is all bright colors, near-nudity – there are a few shots of boobs, but the one you'll remember the most is probably the granny in the "mature" section – and playful facts. At this point in time, we're all pretty aware that porn might be small-B "bad," but it's become so ubiquitous that it's hard for anyone but the most fastidious puritan to act like watching Throbin Hood: Prince of Beaves is going to lead to anything but sticky sheets. Grahame-Smith provides novices with a concise history of the genre and its stars as well as some interesting facts about "Porn Around the World" (Those Germans! Those Japanese!) and the difference between, say, creampies and bukkake. The final chapter – "Make Your Own Porno" – is as educational as it is funny. While there are very few people who don't know that Ron Jeremy is perversely well-endowed (at least very few reading TBBOP), even porn aficionados should be obliged to pick this book up.

The Big Book of Porn
By Seth Grahame-Smith

(Quirk Books, 208 pages)