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Bread and circuit court


Kevin Gilliam, the accountant and slumlord, has been battling Daily Bread, the soup kitchen operated by the Christian Service Center just up the street from his four-unit building at 111 Glenn Lane, claiming the charity indirectly damages his property. In January he filed a lawsuit against the 27-year-old soup kitchen, citing alleged drug sales, thefts, burglaries, prostitution and panhandling.

The center, represented by Orlando City Attorney W. Scott Gabrielson, asked that the suit be thrown out. Orange Circuit Judge Walter Komanski declined, but ordered Gilliam to answer 13 questions posed by the center as part of its defense. Komanski also ruled the center can recover legal fees from Gilliam. "About 90 percent of `the answers` I already gave him," Gilliam says. "The rest is public knowledge -- like he asked how many lawsuits I'd been in -- and anyone could look that up." Gilliam has until Aug. 8 to respond.