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Bust gone to pot


State Attorney Lawson Lamar's office has dropped the charge against Gregg Scott, the Fort Lauderdale marijuana-as-medicine advocate dragged by sheriff's deputies from the "Marijuana Education Summit" on May 27. Scott, who uses marijuana to stimulate his appetite after he takes AIDS medications, was protesting the one-sidedness of the anti-pot message communicated during the gathering paid for with $63,200 in state funds.

Scott had clapped loudly and persisted in questioning speakers beyond time allotted by organizers. Ultimately he was hauled from the conference room at the Adam's Mark Hotel and taken to jail. On June 24, state attorneys threw out the disorderly conduct charge filed by Orange County deputies, citing insufficient evidence that Scott was a threat to the proceedings.

"The case was bad from its inception. He should never have been arrested," defense attorney William Sheaffer says. "Freedom of speech guarantees the right to speak, even if the content is unpopular. We will celebrate that at this time."