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Comet Control’s debut merges riffs and fuzz in electrifying ways

Album review: Comet Control’s self-titled



Comet Control
Comet Control
Tee Pee
★★★★ (out of 5 stars)

From the ashes of Canadian psych-rock band Quest for Fire, this new band comes out blazing with swagger like a stoned, ’70s-influenced Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Their grabbing debut presses the pedal on a heavy psych sound that merges riffs and fuzz in electrifyingly airborne ways. After nearly six minutes of thick Black Angels-esque stupor, album opener “Blast Magic” suddenly rises up in a colossal maelstrom of rock. With the throttle now wide open, the mostly front-loaded record unloads with burners like the hot, grainy leather of “Future Forever,” the high-flying buzz of “Century” and the atmosphere-rich “Ultra Bright,” whose desert-rock winds unleash storms of beefy riffage that Truckfighters would high-five. All told, it’s a kicker of a psych-rock record that manages to be both heavy and soaring.