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Slow down

Denver Nelson is an idiot `Comments, March 5`. If he bothered to check his facts, he would know this: Of the states that have a death penalty, Florida has the highest number of exonerated convicts after the fact. To me, this means either the courts should explain "reasonable doubt" better to jurors, or evidence collection should be more meticulous. Killing an innocent or taking away a large chunk of an innocent's life through wrongful incarceration — either is inexcusable.

Anyone can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. People like Mr. Nelson who presume guilt quickly and complain about their tax dollars being used for justice are the quintessential ugly Americans. Dot the I's and cross the T's during the investigation to completely erase reasonable doubt, and I have no problem with capital punishment. Killing people just to clear a court docket or satisfy the "holier-than-thou" folks is just another form of murder, not justice.

George Brooks, Orlando

Douchiest story ever

This is just a list of bands `"The Great North American Douche Rock Tournament," March 12`. Could you at least have made some effort to not reveal that you don't have a clue about what's "relevant" to the music scene in 2009 (your own rule!)?

Why bother including Incubus, Hoobastank, Saliva, Hawthorne Heights or all these other bands that haven't had a thing to do with contemporary music in years? Oh, because then you wouldn't have had a story.


Orlando's next

The article says that Sublime is only relevant because of the spinoffs they produced, which Orlando knows a thing or two about `"The Great North American Douche Rock Tournament," March 12`. And Nickelback is a top seed. I don't think `the article` said they're not relevant.

I say an Orlando douche rock—off should be next!


New dogs, old trick

Billy Manes: Can you explain what "the old dog-and-peanut-butter trick" is for everyone please `"Something stupid this way comes," March 12`? I honestly have no idea. Is it a man putting peanut butter on his penis so a dog will lick it off? That's pretty sick and warped.

PETA and the Christian Coalition/Moral Majority/Family Research Council would probably support a ban on "the old dog-and-peanut-butter trick."


A sheltered life

I think most people, if they have a dog or had one growing up, will give it a little peanut butter from time to time. I remember doing this growing up and getting a chuckle as she licked 25-50 times to get it unstuck from her mouth. Is this wrong and inhumane? I don't think so. However, this is the first I've heard of "the old dog-and-peanut-butter trick" within the context of a piece on bestiality … guess I grew up in a sheltered home (relative to some anyway).


Devoid and deficient

This is the reason that Orlando is sorely lacking in culture `"Like a criminal," Feb. 26`: these backward lawmakers that wouldn't realize culture if it bit them in the (long) arm. I was in Manhattan around Christmas and was never asked for a dollar by anyone, despite the lack of blue boxes. One of the most memorable moments I experienced was in the subway somewhere around 40th Street, where a "street performer" was playing "Silent Night" on an electric guitar. The feeling among the people there that night was beautiful. I would venture to say that one would not have an experience like that in Orlando. Devoid and deficient.


Old magic homos

In reference to the article "The magic homo" `Feb. 26`: My favorite time for gay men in the movies was the 1950s, when they had what I call "gay men who were driven to kill by society and/or their parents."

For example, there was Anthony Perkins in Psycho, Laurence Harvey in The Manchurian Candidate, Robert Walker in Strangers on a Train and Vincent Price in House of Wax.

I think the magic homo really began with Paul Lynde on the TV show Bewitched.

Wes Pierce, Orlando