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Cooling off from the inside out


If you feel lethargic during the high-humidity Dog Days (and who doesn't?), try a shot of climate-correct body fuel from Tropical Smoothie and Wraps, a new smoothie parlor in Goldenrod.

In general, power smoothies are a misnomer. Loaded with carbohydrate-heavy ingredients like peanut butter and bananas, they can actually sap your energy when the heat index rises. Better to try a low-fat "island fever" cocktail with pineapples, peaches and vanilla ($3.29), with energy-boosters that run about 50 cents a pop: Korean ginseng for energy and alertness, ginkgo biloba for better blood circulation. If all else fails, "kwik energy" delivers foolproof ephedra and caffeine. Also on the menu: low-fat sandwich wraps and quesadillas.