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Cooperating artists bond over junk



The practice of recycling needn't be restricted to practical concerns. For some, parting with those treasures -- the ones that look like junk to uninspired others -- might even be a easier if they knew the object could live on, transformed into a "work of art." Creative forces will be at play this weekend on just such a reconstruction project at Java Jabbers Coffeehouse.

Local multimedia artist Terry Davis had a vision, one he shared with a group of artists, all of whom will collaborate on the working conclusion for the entertainment/education of the caffeine-heightened crowd. What started as individual projects by the artists using found objects will come together as one megasculpture, showcasing the group goal of "unity and annihilating the ego of the individual to work as a team."

Viewers are encouraged to get in on the act by bringing "interesting garbage" to the performance-art happening, which should make a statement as much about recycling as collaboration -- and how the two interact.