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Dead ... for now


When the Health Care Center for the Homeless, the Parramore-based organization that serves the area's many needy residents, voted to buy a nearby $285,000 lot and expand its operations, it ran headlong into the city's plan to revitalize the beleaguered district `"A precarious prescription," Sept. 6`.

Earlier this month, Orlando city planner Richard Unger sent center president Paul McGlone -- who has argued that his clinic is a medical facility, not a social service -- a letter telling him the expansion wouldn't fly.

"This single neighborhood," the letter states, "contains more than its share of social services ... It is the city's continued and primary intent for this area to foster an environment that is conducive to residential and commercial redevelopment."

Parramore landowners, who stand to gain from the redevelopment, cheered the decision, though they doubt the clinic will give up.