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Demos: An Independent Artists Guide to Success

Doc screening at the Enzian aims to help demystify the music industry for hip-hop artists



An Independent Artist's Guide to Success

noon-3.p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23
Enzian Theater
1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland

The jigsaw puzzle that is the music industry has gone from a 5,000-piece mind tease to a 32,000-piece mind fuck in the last five years. Is it better to get signed to a major label or discovered by an indie? Should you play out all over town or should you spend all your time uploading to YouTube? There are countless choices to make, and each one is murkier than the last. Enter Demos: An Independent Artist's Guide to Success, a hip-hop documentary that seeks to clarify the matter for artists by detailing what steps they should be taking locally to turn their passion for music from a meaningful pastime into a self-sustaining business.

This doc isn't about becoming famous. It isn't about getting millions of fans. And by no means is it marketing itself as providing the overnight track to SUVs and diamond bling. It's a practical assessment of the situation by experienced artists like Talib Kweli and Naughty by Nature. The film is being screened for one night only, along with a special performance by the film's star Skyzoo and a panel that forms a local think tank out of invested Orlando community members like Swamburger, Studio 18, Kevin Nottingham and our very own live-music columnist Bao Le-Huu. It's time for your very real questions to be answered, and with any luck, the talents we have in town will be prepared to hear and act on the advice shared.

Bring your demo, and if you're smart, a pen and paper. You'll want to take notes.