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Dickey's Barbecue Pit - review

Solid new smokehouse offers a budget-friendly BBQ experience



Dickey's Barbecue Pit

5414 Deep Lake Road, Oviedo

On a recent road trip, cold, hungry and cranky, I pulled the car off I-75 into a teeny-tiny town in south Georgia. Exiting the highway, the sweet aroma of smoked meats filled our nostrils. Manna.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit was like a Texas-style sign from the gods with its free giant pickles and soft-serve ice cream (two of my favorite all-time foods – separately, not together), a warm BBQ sauce bar and brisket so moist, I couldn't put down my sandwich ($5). “You should open a Central Florida location,” I said to the manager, sipping icy sweet tea from a huge yellow take-home cup. (More free stuff!)

As luck would have it, Dickey's has opened a store in Oviedo. The Orlando area is blessed with some great smokehouses, and Dickey's is a solid addition. Service is prompt and very friendly, and the specials are fab, like a $7 pulled pork combo deal on Mondays. There's a good variety of sides, too: Skip the green beans and go for the baked potato casserole. More into Carolina-style 'cue? Add coleslaw to your sandwich for no extra charge.

You'll leave stuffed as all-get-out once you're finished licking the sauce off your fingers. Just don't forget your free soft-serve and giant pickle on the way out.