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Dinner's a click (and a fee) away



The review looks great, but how to get the food without leaving home? Get online and order! can find downtown in its database but can't locate College Park. They deliver from, among others, Hooter's on Church Street, Pannullo's on Park Avenue or Cheng's on Colonial Drive. A $6.95 "destination charge" is added to deliveries.'s selection is a bit wider (Pannullo's and Hooters again), including N.Y.P.D. downtown and Village Bistro in Winter Park. The site crashed when I visited and not all of the links worked. gets $4.99 for delivery.

Ez2get has a $15 minimum, and delivery is "55 minutes after order." The minimum charge varies at, which promises delivery in 45-60 minutes, and both sites let you order in advance, even days ahead. Honestly, it takes longer than a phone call, but you get to see every menu -- and when it works, it works.