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Dirty talk rules foodie website



Just like the real world, addictions online revolve around three basic evils: sex, money and food. And while not too many people will brag about their porn or online gambling jones, several friends of mine boast with glee about their daily visits to

A giant bulletin board posted by people across the country, it consists of totally biased and opinionated takes on local restaurants, with tons of misspellings and long-winded entries. The "hounds" obsess on funny things -- the thread labeled "West Broward bagels" on the Florida page started May 29 and is already so long it runs off the side of the page.

But it has become a foodie haven, full of suggestions for new places to eat in unknown cities, so if you're heading for a business trip or leisurely getaway to Los Angeles or Chicago and want good food, is a fun place to start looking.