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Drink and mingle with your pals plus all those out-of-towners on the Fringe Lawn



Fringe Festival Lawn
Address/phone/web: Loch Haven Park, May 13-25;

After work or after hours? Both!

Beer/wine or liquor too? Both

Check all that apply:
☐ fancy cocktails
☒ make 'em strong and keep 'em coming
☐ wine list (5 choices or more)
☒ craft beer
☒ beer: the usual suspects
☐ wide selection of bottles (more than 15)
☐ wide selection on tap (more than 15)

Food? ☒ Y ☐ N

Smoking allowed inside? There is no inside!      

Outside drinking? ☒ Y ☐ N

Dog-friendly? ☒ Y ☐ N  

Bathrooms: nightmare or not bad? Inside the Shakes and the Rep, not bad; Porta-potties … well.

TVs? ☐ Y ☒ N

DJs? ☐ Y ☒ N

Loud music or background music?
Live music on the outdoor stage.

Games? Check all that apply:
☐ pinball
☐ video
☐ pool
☐ darts
☒ other: Sometimes spontaneous lawn games break out.

Essay question: Why should I drink here?
In our tight-knit theater community, tales of the Fringe Festival Lawn are told far and wide throughout the year. Friendships are forged (and sometimes broken!) as Fringers take the opportunity to mingle not just with each other, but also with all those performers from out of town. Sure, the heat can make you feel like a walking case of swamp-ass, but the fair food is tasty, the company is unbeatable, and with every beer you kick back, there’s a good chance you’ll be suckered into a few more just to see who appears next on your people-watching safari. To top it off with a shameless plug, the free Orlando Weekly live stage hosts kickass local musicians every afternoon and into the night. The beer tent awaits!