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Duke Energy sucking customers dry?

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Duke Energy sucking customers dry?

This is not the whole truth (“Did your Duke Energy bill go up this month? Read this story,” Aug. 25, My electric bill was normally $140-160 for summer; my last three bills were almost $300.
Sickandtired, via

My bill has gone up approximately $100 more in the last three months! #sickofit.
Sickofit, via

Yup, our bill went up $60 versus the same month last year, and our July bill was $100 more than May. It’s ridiculous.
Zengrrl, via

My electric bill has more than DOUBLED since Duke Energy took over.
They’re all crooks and liars, via

I received only $24 of my $400 deposit back. Part of it went to my last month’s bill, but that left about $250. That is thievery, plain and simple. Past sick of it.
P. Owed Customer, via

Oldies but goodies

Orlando leaders have been idiots for more than a decade and will remain idiots for years to come (“Downtown’s historic round building meets the wrecking ball next month,” Aug. 27). Historians will reflect on the lost glory of the city in the same manner that historians look at boring-ass downtown San Jose, California, and boring-ass downtown Houston. At least my dying hometown of Dayton, Ohio, still has its 1803 courthouse and 1890 “downtown shopping galleria.” Don’t go to downtown Orlando for anything nostalgic, people. You’ll only be shot dead in its “restored and repurposed Edwardian-era nightspots.” We can even go to Wichita for better appreciation of American architectural genius.
Harry Scott Boggs, via