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Bambi (Diamond Edition)

Disney's classic 1942 story of an orphaned deer growing up in the wild was restored just a few years ago in a "Platinum Edition," but for animation enthusiasts, it's worth re-upping. In a combo pack with the already stellar DVD version and a crackling-beyond-belief Blu-Ray version, the quiet power of this film comes alive. Its majestic landscapes are now rendered endlessly deep and its color palette now seems impossibly mature for its time. The "Platinum" extras are still here, with newly added (and not just to the Blu-Ray disc) features such as restored storyboards, a demo for a deleted song "Twitterpated" (which could be a great new word for people who find love via Tweet) and an exploration of a deleted sidekick character, Hopper the grasshopper, who "enjoys misery." All told, you have permission to buy this guilt-free even if you don't have kids. (available now)

Special Features: Featurettes, deleted scenes, deleted song, interactive galleries

Bazaar Bizarre

Has James Ellroy completely lost his mind? That's the unintentionally central question at the heart of this laughably amateurish true-crime telling of Bob Berdella, a serial killer who raped, tortured and killed six men in Kansas City, Mo., in the mid-'80s. Alternating between a half-conscious interview with Ellroy, a crime writer of the highest order who wrote L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, White Jazz and more, and no-budget reenactments of the Berdella saga by non-actors, this complete mess is recommended only for the most completist of kitsch enthusiasts. It's a chilling story indeed, one best left for 48 Hours Mystery. Instead, this shockingly terrible effort was co-produced by Ellroy himself (!) and released by Troma, which should probably stick with its specialty: cranking out awesome crap like Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. (available March 8)

Special Features: Deleted scenes, interviews, trailers

Dickens in America

A sprightly and entertaining romp that only grows in momentum and excitement over the course of its five or so hours, this BBC series features British actress Miriam Margolyes (Pomona Sprout from the Harry Potter films) retracing Charles Dickens' 1842 journey to America. Guided by Dickens' little-known book on his travels, American Notes, along with Dickens' great-great-grandson, literary and history scholars, and Margolyes' own boundless energy and desire to "intertwingle" Dickens the man and Dickens the author, our travel guide navigates potentially dense terrain without compromising on the learning bit. We discover Dickens as he discovered us, and in the process, we learn that the "New Democracy" wasn't so different from the rough-and-tumble London of Dickens' world. (available now)

Special Features: None