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East meets West Indian in Paradise



The multicultural concept has long flavored culinary fusions. But even as changing demographics continue to support the evolution, there are endless offshoots that successfully mix a little of this with a little of that.

So, those who like Chinese food but also have a hankering for West Indian dishes can now head for Tropical Paradise, 5205 W. Colonial Drive (407-578-7766), and satisfy both desires.

Finally, a place where you can order both curried goat and beef with broccoli. Fried bara bread made with split peas can be ordered along with hot and spicy shrimp, beef lo mein and fried shark chunks. Never again will you bemoan a lack of jerk chicken while munching on sweet and sour pork, or wonder, "Why can't I order black pudding sausage to go with this shrimp chow mein?"

Lunch and dinner buffets are available.