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Eating out of house and home



"Home cooking" might mean "made in the restaurant" to many folks, but there's a new wave of personal chefs in Orlando that might just make you stay home at night.

Barbara Walker runs Front Door Food (407-760-3608), and her twice-monthly meal plan includes shopping, cooking in your kitchen and cleaning up afterward. The food goes into your freezer, and all you need the stove for is coffee.

Dale Pyle is the "At-Your-Service" personal chef (407-260-0619) who will not only set up a low-sodium or vegetarian meal plan, but can come in for dinner parties as well.

You may have seen the signs on the roadside for "Rent-a-Chef"; that's John Procacci (407-228-7349), who cooks organic and all-natural goodies in your kitchen, while Luis Roman, "The Spanish Chef" (321-331-6066), says he can whip up a paella for 150 people.