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Emeril gets his kicks in O-town



If you couldn't snag seats to witness Chef Emeril Lagasse heat the pans and amuse his fans at CityWalk last April, rest easy. Thanks to Food TV, you can catch his blatant but tasty corporate cross-promotion with the week-long special "Emeril Kicking It Up in Orlando," running Aug. 21-27 and repeating in eternity after that.

Throughout the week, the rarely subtle Emeril treats crowds to recipes inspired by Florida, along with plugs galore for CityWalk and Universal Studios. For instance, on Monday, he whips up Jimmy Buffet's "cheeseburger in paradise," the Latin Quarter's seafood ceviche and Bob

Marley's jerk chicken. Later in the week he pals around with Universal Studio's cartoon characters, hits the park's rides and re-creates classic movie bits with the Universal Studio Players. if you're into the food more than the fun, the featured recipes can be found at beginning Aug. 21.