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Eroticism revives Eola Theatre



Downtown veterans may remember the folks from the old Eola Theatre, which used to occupy the space that currently houses the Kit Kat Club on Wall Street Plaza. Now the core members of that troop are seeking a comeback -- just in time to set a Valentine's Day mood.

The reassembled group is presenting "Literary Erotica," two days of readings at Performance Space Orlando featuring the works of authors such as the Marquis de Sade, Emily Brontë, George Bataille and Eurydice. But during the conceptualization process the organizers found that Orlando has its share of sexual scribes.

"You won't believe how many people in town write erotic literature," says John DiDonna, who added locals such as Leneil Bottoms, Chris Robeson and Jason Moyer to the event. In addition to Friday's "The Extremes of Erotica" and Saturday's "Homosexual Erotica" programs, an exhibit of provocative photography by Renee Geneva will help set the steamy mood.