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Everybody dance now



Get set for the funkiest, hippest, trippiest cats ever to hit late-night Orlando: the mayor's Rave Review Task Force is out on the town! Look for its members about 4 a.m. Sunday at The Club, when city staffer Joe Robinson has volunteered to escort members of a group whose average age in dog years is dead. Although not everyone is a virgin to the scene, the panel as a whole is so unfamiliar with Orange Avenue's wee hours that its chairman had to be reassured of its safety. (Even so, Robinson offered unmarked police cars.) Perhaps sensing that the plug on all-hours dancing will be pulled, bar owners have shifted gears and now want the city to extend liquor sales to 3 a.m., to recoup some of what they might lose in late-night admissions. That debate will wait. For now, the committee is wrestling with what to wear — and who will reimburse the cover charge.