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Exhibit slides into Enzian



If you've ever looked at the images flashed on the screen at the Enzian Theater before a movie and said to yourself, "Hey, they oughta display artwork there so I have something more to look at while waiting for my bean quesadilla," you may have sent psychic sparks of inspiration to the folks who run Central Florida's only alternative cinema.

The premovie screen now includes "Still Life," slides of works by Florida visual artists displayed along with the other promotional images. The first exhibits are Marianna Hamilton Ross' "Painted Silk" and Carl Knickerbocker's "Paintings (Naive Pop)." Each group contains five to 10 images, and they will run alternately for a month. Enzian's director of media, Rich Grula, asks that potential exhibitors send slides and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the theater for consideration.