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Expanding the pesto palette



How many ways can you have pesto with your pasta? The answer is eight, if you head over to MeLe Di Bari, a cute little Italian kitchen in Winter Park.

There's pesto with artichokes and cashews; with roasted sweet red peppers and toasted almonds; and with Spanish olives, habañeros and walnuts. There's even pistachio pesto, and tapenade pesto with Greek olives and anchovies, plus marinaras and other specialties, all $7 per jar.

Owner Anna Marie MeLe whips up $6 daily lunch specials, drawing on the resources of her next-door neighbor, Mother's Fresh Pasta. The dining area is tiny, with barely room for two tables.

You can sample MeLe's sauces on Saturday mornings at the Winter Park Farmer's Market at New England and New York avenues.