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Feeling zen about Sore Eros and Kurt Vile’s collaborative EP

Album review: Sore Eros and Kurt Vile’s ‘Jamaica Plain’ EP



Sore Eros and Kurt Vile – Jamaica Plain EP
Care in the Community Recordings
★★★ (out of 5 stars)

Kurt Vile learned to play guitar on a banjo, so it’s really not surprising how quintessentially American his folk songs read even through all that distortion. What might surprise some is this recent surfacing of a collaboration with Robert Robinson (who also plays in Vile’s band the Violators), Jamaica Plain. The EP comprises only three tracks recorded by the pair in the early aughts, and structurally, it’s as far from accessible melodies like those found on “Baby’s Arms” as you can get, meandering in analog on the title track. Its trance-inducing acoustic finger-picking leads you astray without the comfort of a chorus. Personally, I like feeling lost if the forest sounds like this. On “Serum,” Robinson’s mostly drowned-out vocals are second to the instrumentation as well, offering a short reprieve that lasts just over three minutes before the EP flushes us back out to sea for “Calling Out of Work.” This is some meditative music, so forgive me if I’m feeling Zen about it.