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FFF: Wednesday, April 13



1:15 at Enzian Theater - Dog Sweat (4 Stars) The Western media generally fails to paint a human portrait of young Middle Easterners living under Islamist regimes. Usually, they're portrayed only in terms of conflict. The beauty of this movie, filmed secretly in Iran in 2009, is that it simply treats its characters as people. It avoids painting in broad strokes, focusing instead on the mundane details of the lives and dreams of its characters, six twenty-somethings living under the thumb of a conservative culture. They try to make music, they have existential crises, they think about sex. While the tension of oppression is always droning in the background, the director never lets it overtake the plotline. ­-ES

7 p.m. at Regal Winter Park - Vernon, Florida A screening of the 1981 film directed by Errol Morris, part of curator Scott Foundas' "Florida Films" series.