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Florida is scary

Letters to the editor and reader comments


Florida scares people

We have sinkholes (“Florida is the scariest state in the country,” July 16, They didn’t even mention sinkholes. And gators. And those HUGE pythons in the Everglades. Swamp Ape. Barracudas. Oh, and stinging jellyfish. Fire ants, scorpions and killer bees. Stand Your Ground.
Poppy Lee, via

They left out the tweakers who approach you for money when you pump gas.
Trashywilma, via

Sports vs. science

Is it any wonder why Orlando can’t attract Fortune 500 companies to relocate here (“Orlando Science Center request for funding gets cool response from county,” July 15, Or even a few more companies that pay real living wages to more than just a few executives? Our state and local “leaders” are beholden to the tourism industry. They’re not really concerned much with the state of our public schools, culture and other amenities that such companies look for. Any lip-service they provide is merely superficial. Orlando: once a backwater, always a backwater.
Richard Neilan, via