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Florida Prize winner Agustina Woodgate leads workshop

Collaborate with artist on a rug made of stuffed-animal ‘pelts’




10 a.m.-noon Saturday, Aug. 23 | Orlando Museum of Art, 2416 N. Mills Ave. | pre-registration required; call 407-896-4231, ext. 262 | | $20

Paddington Bear and Winnie-the-Pooh seemed so real when you were toting them around in stuffed form, confiding all your 6-year-old hopes and fears. But it’s best that you set aside those feelings for your plush toys before you book into this workshop led by Florida Prize winner Agustina Woodgate, because she’ll be asking you to dissect and skin your little friends.

Her series of rugs made from the “pelts” of stuffed toy animals, button eyes and all (see photo), currently on display at Orlando Museum of Art, is the jumping-off point for the class, in which Woodgate and attendees will collaborate to create an original rug. While un- and re-stitching those plush pelts, Woodgate will lead a discussion of storytelling through objects, the cultural significance of rug design and the teddy bear as a potent signifier of our physical and emotional interactions with ourselves, our family and the world at large.