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For those who get their juices flowing



Ah, the gym. The smell of sweat, the sound of weights being flung to the ground, and the taste of kiwi, banana and pineapple.

The combination makes sense if you're visiting the "café" at the Ozone Athletic Club (133 East Robinson St.). Call them extreme smoothies or shakes for the gym crowd, but the concoctions mixed up here are serious biochemical business, mixing fruit juices with massive doses of protein, potassium and amino acids. There are also fridges full of bottles labeled Ultimate Orange, Shed, Launch and Mass Recovery; workout recovery beverages; thermogenic additives; pre- and post-workout drinks -- every form of "fitness drink" known to man.

Right now the meal offerings are of the instant-mix variety, but deli wraps and salads are on the way, and in the meantime you can sit at the counter, have a drink, and watch folks wear themselves out.