Fox Fest 2k15: Marco Benevento, Eliot Lipp, the Groove Orient, VIVIDO

When: Sat., April 11, 2-10 p.m. 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Rollins is actually a private college and not just a Winter Park playground for all of us. They’re just so darn generous to the community – home of the Cornell Museum of Fine Arts; host to cultural organizations like the Bach Festival Society and the Winter Park Institute; and broadcaster of the radio station we need like oxygen, WPRK 91.5. (While some yellow-bellied colleges have sold off their precious bandwidth, Rollins is staying the course and continuing to provide this invaluable community resource.) Not only does WPRK give us what we love 24 hours per day, every year the student-run station throws a free outdoor concert where everyone’s welcome to loll on the great lawn and partake of their generosity. This year brings Marco Benevento’s lush, grin-inducing piano-based rock; Brooklyn-via-Tacoma DJ Eliot Lipp’s squelchy breakbeat bangers; the jammy Orlando-based Groove Orient and more. The fest begins with yoga on the lawn at 2 p.m.; salute the sun, then pollute your ears in the best possible way. – Jessica Bryce Young

Price: free