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Fresh translation of French in Ocoee



The mixture of classic French bistro and strip mall was not the oddest thing about Le Cookin' Book, the restaurant owned by Frances Kuchenbuch (read it out loud), but the fact that superior French cooking could be found in such an out-of-the-way place.

While Kuchenbuch is no longer at the location at 1575 Maguire Road in Ocoee (407-654-9096), the recent migration of good French chefs to Central Florida continues as Emanuel and Delphine Marlot take over.

The couple's restaurant experience in Marseilles brings a new name -- Le Bon Appetit -- a new decor, and a menu that leans toward the fresh ingredients and flavors of Provence, along with twists on traditional French dishes such as veal coq au vin and duck with peaches and brandy. If you've been there before you know the way; if you haven't, give yourself a new experience.