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Generationals’ Heza showcases their effortless melodies

Album review: Generationals’ Heza



Generationals – Heza

Deftly refracting a surprising number of lively styles through a crisp ’80s alt-pop lens, New Orleans’ Generationals are more smartly referential than they are slavish. An organic merger of electronics and clean rock instrumentation, this third LP has a more elegantly contained bounce and is their most hi-fi outing yet. What emerges is their accuracy, concision and, most importantly, effortlessness of melody. Highlights include the Seapony-esque jangle-pop of “Spinoza,” the sweet garage scruff of “I Used to Let You Get to Me,” the Vampire Weekend-like skip of “Say When” and the Matt & Kim sunshine of “Put a Light On.” The result is distilled but as supremely likable as always.

Generationals play the Social 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 26 with Gringo Star. Admission is $10.