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Glazed cops


Cracks about cops and doughnuts aside, it looked last week like Winter Park Police had developed a new beat: Krispy Kreme. Business was so brisk at the new doughnut shop that officers on foot were positioned in the parking lot and in the traffic lanes of Orlando Avenue/Highway 17-92, where cars were backed up as much as half a block at peak times when operators flicked on the neon "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign.

Turns out they were stationed and paid for by Krispy Kreme itself. Expecting the overflow, the store had arranged for off-duty officers to assist with crowd control for the first five days of business, says Sgt. Randall Durkee, the department's traffic-division supervisor. Some of that crush no doubt came from cops themselves; in the weeks leading up to Krispy Kreme's April 20 opening, Durkee says, officers from other police departments were calling him up to ask about its progress. "It's almost like a cult following, I guess," says Durkee, who had yet to partake at press time. "I'm a doughnut connoisseur myself," he says, "but I didn't really get that excited about it."