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Gov. Rick Scott promises to work with possible FDLE investigation, somehow we doubt it



We're not going to read too deeply into the political machinations behind the biggest scandal to befall Gov. Rick Scott since, well, he stole all of your Medicare money. Because even if Scott's cabinet – starring Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam (with a cameo by a confused Attorney General Pam Bondi) – is doing some kind of square dance in the name of future runs for political office by insisting on "probing" Scott over his handling of the departure of FDLE boss Gerald Bailey, this square dance is fun.

On Jan. 22, even the New York Times got in on the Florida-flavored party, reporting that Scott was still avoiding questions on the matter – you know, the one where the man most likely to investigate the governor is forced to step down – and the subsequent intervention of the cabinet after they, uh, found out that Bailey was forced to resign after they voted for a new FDLE commissioner. Well, he hasn't so much "avoided" the question as he has sent his press team to smear Bailey.

"If there is an investigation, I'll work with them," Scott said on Jan. 23, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Meanwhile his press team sent out an FAQ sheet just so that everybody's favorite slithering idiot didn't have to answer the questions he is being asked with increasing frequency. So, even though scandal-laden Bondi is quoted as having "serious questions" about the whole affair, Scott is not about to answer. This is who you elected, folks. Thanks for that.