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Grilling that holds up under fast fire



Indulge me as I rhapsodize about my favorite fast food, TropiGrill, advertised as "The taste you'll crave," and oh baby, they've got that right.

I jones hard for TropiGrill's mouthwatering flavors and have been known to dine there five times a week. Lately, I've jettisoned all pretense of balanced meals to focus exclusively on the meats -- the chicken marinated in tropical juices and spices, and the slow-roasted chunks of pork served under a mojo of garlic-laced onions. Take note: You can order TropiGrill meats sans side orders. A hefty side of pork is $3.49, and a half chicken is $3.99.

What would make it the height of perfection? Tabasco on every table. Perversely, the TropiGrill folks put out only two large bottles for the whole restaurant. Hey, stop being stingy! It's your fault I'm hooked. The least you could do is provide sufficient condiments.