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Hammering the Pentagon



Well, I paid my taxes. The IRS said I owed $1,800 ... so I sent them a toilet seat and a hammer.;;It's not talked about much by politicians and the Establishment media, but at least six-out-of-every-ten dollars that we sent to Uncle Sam on April 15 will go to the Pentagon and its military contractors -- $280 billion a year goes to this military establishment, not counting the billions more it gets indirectly through the budgets of NASA, the State Department and others.;;Congress and the White House literally throw our money at this military-industrial complex, even though it is the most bloated, fraud-ridden bureaucracy in the whole federal government.;;Remember those $1,200 toilet seats, $600 hammers and other rip-offs the Pentagon was buying from its pampered contractors in the 1980s? Well, don't look now, but ... they're baaaack. In fact, they never went away -- it's just that the media quit reporting these scams. Maybe that's because much of the media is now owned by -- believe it or not -- Pentagon contractors. For example, GE and Westinghouse, two of the biggest recipients of Pentagon money, own NBC and CBS.;;Neither network covered the recent spare-parts flim-flam pulled-off by Pioneer UAV, which built the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle used in the Bosnian conflict. Pioneer has perfected the art of overbilling us taxpayers on spare parts.;;Some examples:;;Pioneer charged us $127 for a washer that you can get from an engineering firm for about 10 bucks.;;The company sold the Pentagon some spark-plug connectors worth 12 bucks each for $544 apiece.;;Pioneer charged $856 to estimate repair charges on a gas system, while another company actually repairs such systems for only $775.;;When you wonder why your federal taxes are so high ... think Pentagon fraud.