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Happytown: Florida Family Policy Council protests public school nondiscrimination policy

John Stemberger's conservative organization says Orange County's attempt to be inclusive will lead to crossdressing and pedophilia in public schools



Though this probably won't matter by the time you read this, we thought it was worth pointing out just how many lumps of coal we would like to see inside a stocking precariously positioned near Florida Family Policy Council president John Stemberger's head. As of press time, on Dec. 11, the Orange County School Board was scheduled to hear public concerns before voting on new nondiscrimination policies that would protect both LGBT teachers and students, bringing Orange County Public Schools up the basic level of human decency required by Orange County government. The proposal would "expand the category of persons protected from discrimination" for students "to include sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and genetic information in addition to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, language spoken, homelessness or any other characteristic protected by law." The same protections would be applicable to teachers. Awesome, right?

Well, not to the ninnies comprising the multifaceted "action" groups of Stemberger's wicked web. Banging their standard drum of hatred, the group shot out an email over the weekend saying that doing the right (and obvious) thing would, among other horrors, create "special rights" for gays, weaken marriage, cause bathroom anarchy ("If a biologically male high school student Sam decides to become Sally then he can use the women's bathroom, locker rooms and act out as a woman," warns the email), and create "legal defense for pedophiles."

Proponents of the measure were set to show up en masse wearing red, while Stemberger's stems would be donning blue, because confusing? Anyway, there's nothing like wheeling out the old "pedophile" banner to buoy your pseudo-Christian agenda. What year is this?