Heart of Darkness hosted by Comedian Greg Barris with Ricky Reyes, Carmen Morales

When: Tue., Dec. 23, 8 p.m. 2014

Greg Barris has got this cool hipster anti-hero vibe that makes him instantly approachable. He’s like that funny friend-of-a-friend that you meet one Sunday when you’re a few pitchers into the day and then friend-request later but never see again, but who left a last- ing impression. He’s a regular on the New York scene, with material that deals withthings like failed bar pickups or a made- up interracial love story centered on his farmer’s tan. All of his bits are hilarious, witty and totally relatable – just like him. The Brooklyn-based Barris is both a UCF and – more importantly – a SAK Comedy Lab alumnus, so there’s always a bit of a “prodigal son returns” moment when he brings his hijinks back to town.

Price: $5