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Holy cow


When it opened last month, The Holy Land Experience appeared to be something new and different in the theme-park industry, which has been known to take workers for granted and stifle attempts by employees to organize or bargain for better conditions. Unlike its money-grubbing competitors, Holy Land is not-for-profit. Given the fact that it's an outreach of a Christian ministry, one would think it would treat its employees with a degree of dignity and respect.

Maybe not. Last week, Orlando Weekly received an anonymous letter listing 18 complaints about "potentially harmful working conditions" at Holy Land. Among its allegations: "[Employees are] required to provide own costumes." "Extensive rehearsal periods (in excess of four hours) on performance days." "Insufficient breaks for meals (often less than half-hour)." "Meals must be eaten off Holy Land property, as there is neither space nor place to purchase food." "No space provided to take breaks."