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Hot off the press in College Park


If you like pork and a pressed Cuban sandwich, you'll find several variations on the theme at Habana Joe's, the latest entry in a wave of new restaurants opening in the College Park area.

The people who run Habana Joe's (2912 Edgewater Drive; 407-246-0609) also own Jose's Sandwich Shop on East Michigan Avenue, which has been going for more than 30 years. Habana's is a casual sit-down place, with Buena Vista Social Club playing in the background and a hot sandwich press up front. The classic Cuban, slices of ham, roast pork, Swiss and pickles, is joined by a turkey melt version, the "el Choriham" with chorizo sausage, a roast beef variant, and the popular snack "la media noche," made with a sweet roll (all sandwiches $4.50 to $8.60, depending on size).

And Joe's is also where you can find a cold can of Winter Park's own Havana Cola.