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In the round

Local musicians organize a good old-fashioned musical orgy



The Naked Show

with Thomas Wynn, Travis Adams, Erin Solari, Chris Rowland, Andy Matchett, Maria Capella
7 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 18 Back Booth,

Any bill that includes solo performances by local luminaries Thomas Wynn (Thomas Wynn & the Believers), Travis Adams (My Hotel Year, Inkwell), Erin Solari (The Still Voice), Chris Rowland, Andy Matchett (Andy Matchett & the Minks) and Maria Capella is going to be a highlight. But the Naked Show, as it’s been dubbed, is something different altogether – an exciting musical idea that seems as if it’s been hovering in the scene’s ether for some time.

A couple of years ago, Thomas Wynn stood outside the old Redlight Redlight locale on West New England Avenue thinking out loud about ways to reinvigorate Orlando music. He wondered about impromptu rooftop shows or parking-lot gigs, but one concept in particular got him going: an in-the-round bill, like the kind seen on Later … with Jools Holland in the U.K., with musicians playing a song at a time while others stood ready, cheering them on or even joining in each other’s tunes.

Later, Wynn, along with Matchett and Adams, helped Solari after she hit a writing wall for the Still Voice’s debut. “I remember thinking, when Thomas and I were singing one of my songs together, how much fun it would be to do that onstage,” Solari says, “but also how cool it would be to his fans, since the music is so different from what they’re used to hearing from him. And, of course, working with [Adams] and getting to sing My Hotel Year songs with him.”

Together, they concocted the Naked Show, a “musical orgy” in which all involved weave in and out of each other’s sets. It’s the kind of thing typically seen during encores, but Solari wanted more. And if all goes well, she says she hopes to make it a regular occurrence.

“I guess you could say this is all just a selfish endeavor to force my favorite artists to let me sing with them.”