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Juicy barbecue has staying power



Much hurrah and clapping of hands is heard when local restaurants reach their fifth or 10th anniversary, yet somehow an Altamonte Springs institution celebrated its 20th year in July without hardly a salute.

Uncle Jones Bar-B-Que (1370 E. Altamonte Drive; 407-260-2425) has been serving what is arguably some of the best smoked ribs, beef, pork and chicken in Central Florida since Henry Jones took his secret recipes indoors in 1980. (He used to sell from a smoker parked outside. A line of cars along the highway was not unusual.) His chicken practically leaves the bones behind when you pick it up ($7.50 for a whole bird), the ribs are juicy-pink, and this is the place to get that elusive and wonderful dish Brunswick stew. Lunch buffet including greens, lima beans and fried okra is $5.49 (dinner is $8.95), and you won't be able to leave without stuffing yourself, gleefully.