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Kombucha is on the verge of bubbling over in Orlando



Kombucha may not be Orlando's favorite fizz yet, but trust: Its popularity is about to bubble over. Health fanatics love the fermented beverage for its probiotics and other healthful properties; foodies like the sweet-and-sour tang that offers a whole new palette of flavors to paint with (hello, cocktails).

The beverage is made by allowing tea and sugar to ferment until a thick leathery layer called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) forms over the top. The yeast eats up the sugar and leaves behind delicious carbonation and active bacterial cultures – the good kind. Fruit or herbal flavors are added in the second fermentation.

Local 'booch specialist Humble Bumble, whose product has been snapped up around town since they started brewing, has even opened up their own freestanding store in Ivanhoe Village, making and selling their brew alongside baked goods and coffee. It's enough to make you wanna pop with pride. —JBY

Humble Bumble Kombucha, 1231 N. Orange Ave., 407-694-4131, humblebumblekombucha.com


More local kombucha: Skyebird at East End Market is known for cold-pressed juices, but their starfruit kombucha is as light and delicately fizzy as champagne. Living Vitalitea's lemon-turmeric blend will knock a cold out of you, but it's the most delicious medicine you'll ever taste. And Mark Bevilaqua, one of the O.G. 'booch-brewers in Orlando, recently made a deal to sell his Farm Boy Produce kombucha on tap at all Florida locations of Lucky's Market. Catch his brilliant-red strawberry kombucha when that fruit's in season; find all of these brews at broad-minded establishments throughout Orlando.