When: Sat., Dec. 5, 8 p.m. 2015

Basically the evil version of Santa, Krampus is said to visit homes on Dec. 5 to punish naughty children by giving them coal and swatting them with branches. Also, he looks like a medieval depiction of Satan, with fur covering his body and horns protruding from his skull, which is probably why he’s become popular enough in the U.S. to have an eponymous movie made about him this year. Local artists-at-large Brendan O’Connor and Jeremy Seghers are throwing a Krampusnacht party at the Hammered Lamb to celebrate the vengeance-beast that’s full of dark-humored holiday fun. Sing Krampus carols, participate in a Krampus costume contest or volunteer to be whipped by Krampus, then have a seat (if you can) and catch a Krampus tale told by Phantasmagoria, Orlando’s premier goth steampunk circus troupe. Stick around for an appearance by Father Christmas, but pick up some gifts for someone else from Myrcury’s Toybox or Deviant Dollz to get a head start on working your way off of Krampus’ list for next year. – Thaddeus McCollum

Price: free