Lazy Afternoon Sundays: Rich Medina, DJ Lumin

When: Sun., May 24, 5-10 p.m. 2015

Determined to school Orlando on the world’s greatest grooves, Lazy Afternoon Sundays pulls in influential DJ Rich Medina. His grand design for the night will cleverly scheme through funk, soul, Afrobeat, hip-hop and house in a push and pull that dances with your brain in turns of colorful sonic curiosities and immersive, zombifying pulses. The high-profile DJ rose to legendary status with his hip New York parties in the early 2000s that drew in regulars like Prince and Talib Kweli. His Fela Kuti-dedicated movement/party, Jump N Funk, made sure the Afrobeat went beyond dedicated circles devoted to the Nigerian virtuoso. Now smart music fans can get in on all of Rich Medina’s get-down know-how in the open-air environment of the Patio, a spot that’s deceptively one of downtown’s slickest dance floors. (P.S. You can pay $25 and get entry to this show plus the next two Lazy Afternoon Sundays, or pay $40 for all that plus a T-shirt and two drinks.)

Price: $10-$40