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Leafing through salad options



Since salads have become the staple of healthy eating, it makes sense that more restaurants are specializing in them. One of the newest on the scene is Crispers at Winter Park Village (480 N. Orlando Ave., Suite 134; 407-622-4403).

A more upscale version of the Sweet Tomatoes salad bars, Crispers devotes half of its menu to lettuce creations, including Greek salads, chicken Caesars and the traditional chef's variety. One interesting choice is Oriental chicken salad ($6.25), with crispy lo mein noodles, carved pineapple, sugary walnuts and honey-lime dressing.

The rest of the menu is devoted to sandwiches, such as the "hot Russian" ($5.25) with layers of corned beef, roast beef and Swiss on pumpernickel "hobo" bread. Service is speedy at the order-at-the-counter setup. Then find a seat in the small, sunny dining area, and the staff will bring your order. Call 407-622-4644 for fax or takeout.