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Radio wasteland

You make some good points in your article about radio in; Orlando ["Notable Noise," Jan. 5], but I have noticed that this problem is one; mainly here in Orlando.

Many smaller and midsized markets have excellent; programming that is almost always located at the left end of the dial. I have; lived in the area for about 12 years now and I've grown down with the radio; waves in this area. 104.1 does have some good programs but is also very limited; because they only stick with one or two genres.

When I utter those same words "radio sucks," the; attachment, "in Orlando" should go with it. The best close radio station in the; area is 88.5-FM WMNF in Tampa. If you check their website,, you'll see; that their programming is 360 degrees of tuneage, but there is news and talk.

Two other formidable stations that broadcast live on the; web are WFUV ( and WFMU (; both have archived playlists with; set lists for review before playing. You should check those out. Since I; downloaded iTunes for free now I can listen to some great radio stations that; are practically all over the planet.

I don't have XM in my car and am a lesser person for it.; But by all means, radio doesn't suck. Orlando radio sucks. Just like they can't; get many good bands to come here anymore. It's an F'd up market with a bunch of; dweebs that just aren't tuned in.


Jim Wills, Clermont

Constructive criticism

Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Do you people; realize how many talented artists are in Orlando alone, not to mention Florida,; and you're putting the absolute worst shit I have ever seen on the cover of; your paper?

When you compare this paper to out-of-town papers,; there's a clear decline in quality on behalf of the Orlando Weekly; where you; used to have interesting illustrations, you now have cheap, effortless crap; smeared across the cover.

You're lucky it's a free paper, otherwise no one would; buy this garbage. It's ugly, it's boring, it's badly done and it's an insult to; the illustrators out there who wouldn't mind having their work published.; Instead we see some crap that took a total of maybe five minutes in Photoshop,; and insipid badly composed cartoons with Santa, of all things. Nothing is; pushing across the gist of your cover story, nothing is well-done and it just; flat-out sucks.

Clearly something needs fixing, whether it's who you ask; or how much you pay, but your paper just looks like a joke. You realize you; have people snickering at it, right? I couldn't even be bothered to pick the; stupid thing up.


Jennifer Pennington, Winter Park

Loved by gay Republicans

[Your] articles and columns are a scream, from your; weekly thrashing of all things conservative/establishment to Ms. Thang Manes'; semi-comprehensible musings to Mr. Schneider's attempts to channel Liz Langley.

Regarding the aforementioned Ms. Langley's traitorous; ship-jumping (doubtless for fame and money — such a conservative/establishment; maneuver; the nerve of that broad): I wish I could've been at the; burning-in-effigy ceremony at her departure — who was the master/mistress of; ceremonies, Mr. Schneider or Ms. Manes?

Your continuous needling of the Sentinel is hilarious,; even if it does smack of a rather serious case of journalistic penis envy.

Keep up the excellent work. I know I can always count on; a giggle or 12 from whatever bee is buzzing in your collective bonnets; the; paper redefines the phrase "loony left" every week.

Oh … did I mention I'm a gay Rush Limbaugh fan and voted; for W twice?


Gene Lessard, Orlando