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Not racist

I just read your review of Head-On `"Tough love," Film, June 30` and wanted to point out a small (but significant) misunderstanding in your recap of the plot.

The bus driver who throws the couple off the bus is not a racist German but rather a (devout) Turkish bus driver who is offended by their language and their behavior. He addresses them in Turkish (which some film viewers `reading subtitles` abroad may not be able to distinguish from German).

I think the film generally should not be written off as a facile morality tale about racism (since that simplistic genre has thankfully faded since the 1990s); it is far more about how second-generation migrants are caught between the values of their family of origin and lifestyles of the broader culture they are raised in.

— Angelica Fenner, via the Internet

Crime concerns

I have enjoyed the Police Beat feature since its inception. I noticed something while reading the current edition, however `June 30`: I saw that at least two of the four stories occurred in predominantly black/African-American neighborhoods.

Does it make the piece seem like it inadvertently reinforces race stereotypes regarding crime (even if these are petty instances)? Have a good deal of the Police Beat stories been from these neighborhoods?

— David Cavalleri, via the Internet

Schneider bashing

To Steve Schneider: Every day for some odd, unknown reason, I've been drawn to your reviews, maybe because it happens to be on my homepage... . That has to be the explanation. It's certainly not for its readability.

I hope you don't get paid by how many people click on the link, hoping to see a decent review. That would be a travesty.

I have yet to read a review of yours I remotely agree with, in any way whatsoever, or can stomach reading all the way through. If I took every review you wrote as "the word," I'd never see a movie.

Do you like anything?

The sad part is the review of a movie doesn't even get its moment. Not only can you not find anything to like about anything, you blatantly express that exact sentiment about yourself every time you write your column. You seem to be so full of yourself, sold on your own hype, in almost every single word you write, it overshadows everything else and just saturates the page.

I bet you think you are far superior to most people walking this planet. The psychobabble bullshit you write in every review you pen is so full of hot air I damn near get a heat rash every time your page comes up.

It certainly appears that you are using a movie review column as your soapbox/platform for your personal agenda and your own disgruntled view of the world.

I'm not a fan of George W. myself, but do I use something as remotely distant from governmental politics as a movie review column meant for an entertainment-seeking audience to exhibit my view? I was taught growing up to look for the good in people. Try as I might I certainly cannot detect much in you.

I was surprised to see you had a few good things to say about the new Batman movie, but that seems to be the only one I could find. And you still had to pollute that one with your personal hype and distorted take on life.

I do think you'll find, Steve, if you could come back down to planet Earth and write to the same level that most people are on, you won't have to try so hard in every review you write to validate your superiority complex with Mensa-envy verbiage that consistently shows itself in a little-man syndrome sort of way. You try way too hard to impress with your so-called intellect when you should just be writing a stupid movie review, so people can decide if it's something they'd like to see or not.

I'm almost positive it's not for you to personally get the nasty taste out of your mouth you happen to have for life. Your column is a major turn-off. I'd like to read a movie review, that's it.

— Kathy Nelson, via the Internet