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Lights are on in Harriet's Kitchen



Unless you're part of Orlando's "macrobiotic community," you might never have heard of Harriet McNear and Harriet's Kitchen. The whole-foods cooking school has been holding cooking classes and workshops in Winter Park for 15 years, teaching people about the macrobiotic diet, using no cheese, eggs or meat but based mostly on veggies, fruits and nuts.

While Harriet passed away last year, her husband, Paul, is determined to continue her work. "We've started up again, sort of in our own way," he says, and although they usually take a break during summer, the oncoming months should be filled with whole-grain, nondairy, low-fat, anti-sugar delights. The classes hold up to 24 people at $25 a head, and the intensive three-day workshops are limited to eight people for $180, including meals. Locations may vary, so call (407) 644-2167 for details. Here's a chance to learn a new lifestyle and get healthier.