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LAME: Beer/Iced Tea Chimera from Hell

It's a little-known fact that Molson Coors keeps founder Adolph Coors' mummified brain submerged in a stasis bath of Zima, wired up to a feedback circuit so it can continue to churn out popular brewing recipes year after year. At least, that's the only explanation we can think of for the existence of Coors Light Iced T – an unholy union of unpalatable light beer and iced tea intended to appeal to alcoholic golfers. Its one saving grace is that it's only available in Canada for test marketing and may never hit our shelves, but that will likely encourage the maniacs at Anheuser-Busch to seize the window of opportunity and create Michelob Ultra 19th Hole Light Tea and Lemonade (f'real), which rolls out next month to spoil summer for everyone.