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Major league beat construction props up Riff Raff’s ‘Neon Icon’

Album review: Riff Raff’s ‘Neon Icon’



Riff Raff
Neon Icon
Mad Decent Protocol
★★★★ (out of 5 stars)

The title of this cornrowed white boy’s sophomore effort suggests a comfort with his image as a novelty property, which is somewhat refreshing in a genre that’s often tripping over itself to prove concrete authenticity. Riff Raff isn’t about to sacrifice a good time for some circular debate, and Neon Icon is the most fun you can have dancing in a windbreaker. Even if you think the Mario Kart and David Hasselhoff references are lame, you can’t deny the major league beat construction courtesy of Diplo, DJ Mustard, Mac Miller, Harry Fraud and a handful of other revered artists. How do we know they’re the real deal? There are actual samples of dolphin noises in “Aquaberry Dolphin,” and they just make you want to grind harder. If Riff Raff and his team here actually did pen 100 songs for Neon Icon, we should regret the fact that this isn’t a quadruple album.